About Us

Mesquite Captive is a national firm with a specific focus on designing, implementing and managing small to mid-market Captive insurance companies. At Mesquite, we believe, as Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” To make Captives simple, reliable and affordable for our clients, in 2009 we built a foundation with a team of seasoned professionals in Captive insurance and related industries.

Mesquite Captive has implemented tried-and-true captive insurance solutions to help firms, families and professionals achieve maximum financial security while achieving their most valued personal goals.

Our team shares bedrock values, and understands the unique challenges and opportunities many are facing in today’s economic landscape.

What value is wealth not accompanied by true peace of mind?

Accordingly, Mesquite is built on the highest standards of excellence, integrity and service. We hope someday all Captive insurance service providers will embrace these standards:

Transparency: All funds, fees and transactions are always fully disclosed and available for review.

Control: Clients are always in control of funds, at every stage, within pre-set and clearly defined parameters that are necessary for regulatory compliance.

Quality: Only the very best regulators and service providers are involved, and full attention is paid to every detail. Nothing is left to chance.

Experience: Our team members have significant depth of experience in dealing with state regulators and the IRS, and are recognized as experts in the Captive insurance industry.

Real risks: Insurance policies always cover real risks, and are grounded in sound actuarial science and risk distribution. This is vital to ensure your Captive’s security and success.

We apply these standards in the selection of our Corporate Partners and professional advisors of CPAs, attorneys, actuaries, investment/wealth managers and bankers are recognized as preeminent in their given fields.