Mesquite Captive is a captive consulting firm focused on filling the captive knowledge needs of professional advisors having relationships with the small to mid-sized, privately held companies. Mesquite has built an effective and efficient process for advisors that will accelerate their learning curve enabling them to bring exceptional value to their clients and their organization. Since our venture into captives, our advisors have experienced substantial results due to our comprehensive approach of changing, developing and operating captives that bring simplicity and efficiency to the captive markets.

Professional advisors are the core to our success. We invest in, acquire and develop educational resources to increase advisor success. We simply provide our professional advisors – the best.


Mesquite, A Captive Learning Institute

Mesquite Captive Learning Institute is dedicated to the education of captive business strategies. Our research-based curriculum, tools and professional development build the knowledge of captives for owners and professional advisors alike. Whether you are a business owner or a professional advisor, our Captive Learning Institute offers the right modules for your learning needs:

  • Captive overview
  • General principles and features
  • Strategies to maximize your company’s Captive’s efforts
  • Targeting the right customers
  • Assessing risk and closing
  • Aligning a Captive with goals

Captives have number of moving parts. We designed the Captive Learning Institute to prepare you for and to test you on having a working knowledge of captives and Captive best practices. Our Captive Institute covers how to utilize a Captive as an insurance company and investment vehicle. You’ll learn why captives are used and how captives fit into your client’s overall business.


Mesquite Captive On-Site

Take advantage of hands-on, in-person meeting and workshops containing in-depth Captive training for you, your team as well as your key customers. We can educate you on captives related to:

  • Risk Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Investment Income


Captive, A Key to Wealth

Risk Management Best Practices

Financial self-interest encourages the adoption of risk-management best practices at most companies. Captive owners and their affiliates make continual and diligent efforts to improve their own risk practices because they have a direct impact on the size of their captive premiums and overall profitability.


Are you a Professional Advisor?

  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Financial/Wealth
  • Legal
  • Banking


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