Captive insurance ownership is a fit for business owners in nearly all industries. Those industries that have embraced captive insurance as a smart strategy to help grow and protect the value of business include:

mesquite-markets-agricultureAt the heart of the agriculture industry is the value of the business and its assets. However, uncertainties in agriculture are plenty. With captive insurance ownership you can better control your costs, mitigate your risks and ensure a valuable business for generations to come.

mesquite-markets-constructionThe construction industry faces the critical challenges of seasonal and economic ebbs and flows and ensuring worker and structural safety. Being prepared for fluctuations and managing the risks within the industry is top of mind for business owners. Rather than relying on corporations that manage the risks of many in the industry, you can help your bottom line and protect the value of your very unique business by taking control with captive insurance ownership.

mesquite-markets-healthcarePhysicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals face challenges with daily responsibilities and in maintaining compliance with regulatory organizations. Captive insurance offers these professionals and healthcare companies opportunity to gain control over how they meet risk management requirements and how they structure insurance to meet the specific needs of their specialty.

mesquite-markets-hospitalityBusiness owners within the hospitality industry are a perfect fit for captive insurance ownership. Rapid changes affecting labor and employment, technology and security require strategic planning and investment. Those business owners who work to separate themselves from the pack can benefit from taking control of how they protect their assets and their workforce, mitigate risk and manage the business value.

mesquite-markets-professional-servicesAgility and technology adaptability are key to the professional services industry. Workforce and technology currency, protection of intellectual property and  legal considerations that affect business practices can impact company value and growth. Captive insurance ownership eliminates many of the unknowns and what-ifs and is an important part of your overall business plan.